What Needs To Be Done When Your Printer Is In Offline Mode?

What Needs To Be Done When Your Printer Is In Offline Mode?

It is quite possible, that when you are trying to print, you might come across messages on your screen that your printer is offline and it is not possible to print. This offline status means that the connection of the computer with the printer is not established. The possibility of your printer going offline without any formal warning cannot be ruled out as well. A glance at some of the tips on how to trouble shoot the offline printer mode, which can go on to fix the problem.

The status of the printer needs to be checked

It is possible that the printer might have changed automatically to another driver. In this case you would need to change the default printer driver to the one you had gone on to install earlier and check if the printer is not being set in the offline mode.

  • You would need to restart the printer and take it to a steady state
  • Go to control panel and click on the devices and printers
  • You would need to select the printer you are having trouble and then right click on it
  • Then go on and set it to a default printer
  • On the same screen, see that there is a checkmark in front of the use printer online or pause the printing option. You can then uncheck it by clicking on the same options.
  • Then go on to print something and if you are able to print means that it is now online. If the problem still exists, then proceed to the next step

You would need to reinstall the printer and then check the connection status

When you reinstall the printer, it may restore the connection of the computer.

  • Go to the control panel, right click on the printer and then click on the option uninstall or remove
  • The printer can be reinstalled by turning on and off the printer
  • Ensure that there is an internet connection on the computer
  • If your printer goes on to read things automatically, then the printer software will be installed automatically or you can go on to install the printer software for your computer
  • You would then need to check whether the connection status is restored
  • Try to print, if it does not then proceed to the next step

Get the selection of the right port

The printer can choose the drivers which are installed for another device. If the driver is using the wrong connection port, then the printer would go offline and printing is not possible

  • Go to a computer from where you can print, and check the port number which the windows are using. Ensure that you note it down
  • Go to the control panel and click on the option of printers or faxes. Then select the printer option and then further click on properties
  • On the ports tab, select the option of add tab

These are some of the methods where you can fix the printer offline problems.

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