What Can I Do To Strengthen My Accident Claim?

What Can I Do To Strengthen My Accident Claim?

When it comes to the accident claims process, you will have little input into it. That might come as a surprise to you, given that you have been the victim of an accident, however your solicitor will handle the entire process for you.

Your input into the claims process will include attending an interview with your solicitor and attending a medical examination with an expert. Aside from that, the process will be managed on your behalf by your injury lawyer. Despite this, there are some things you can do to strengthen your accident claim, from a liability and claim value point of view.

  • Be truthful throughout the claims process

The first of those things is to tell the truth throughout the claims process. Your initial interview will seek to ascertain the true facts surrounding your accident. You should be as truthful as possible in your interview so that afterwards, your lawyer can prepare accurate written statements of evidence. After your interview, you will attend a medical examination probably a few weeks later. Again, you should be completely truthful about your injuries so that the medical examiner can produce an accurate medical report on your behalf.

  • Choose an experienced lawyer

Experienced lawyers are worth their weight in gold when it comes to making an accident claim because they boost the chances of claim success exponentially. Furthermore, experienced lawyers know how to collect evidence and claims are usually processed in as little as 6-8 weeks by the best solicitors. Remember to ask about your lawyer’s experience before going ahead with a claim, and you should also ask about their success rate.

  • Follow up on any leads

This applies to you or your solicitor – if you had an accident and you were given telephone numbers by witnesses or you were told that there was CCTV of your accident, then this evidence can be used to strengthen your claim substantially. Gathering such evidence is the job of your solicitor, but if you are making a claim by yourself, collecting it should simply be a case of picking up the phone. If you are making a new application for a claim, then give to your lawyer any evidence leads you have, so that they can follow up on them for you.

Aside from the above, there is little more you can do to strengthen your claim. The most important thing is to be truthful throughout the claims process. If you are truthful, then the claims process will run smoothly and you will have a positive outcome. Sometimes, your lawyer may need to clarify a few things with you though, most likely because there is a gap in the evidence or something does not add up. Again, be truthful to any information requests, and you can count on the injury claims process running its course as it should.

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