The Reasons On Why Babies Turn Their Heads Down During The Course Of Pregnancy?

The Reasons On Why Babies Turn Their Heads Down During The Course Of Pregnancy?

At around 32 weeks of your pregnancy the head of the baby is directed towards the birth canal. Till this point of time it was pretty easy for the baby to turn their head from up to down position. This is referred to as cephalic presentation, as the space in the uterus was immense. In case of some babies they are known to turn their head position much later and this could even mean a few minutes before the labour starts. In fact the movement of the fetus to cephalic presentation is termed as baby drop.

Why the head down baby position is important, is that the labor is going to be easier and shorter, since the head of the babies tend to come out first. Now let us have a clear understanding about the different head down position baby

Vertex presentation

This is perhaps the most configurations in case of singletons. The back of the baby usually goes on to face the tummy and then the face towards the spine. It is an ideal position for birth as the head of the baby is lined up so as it goes on to fit in the pelvis in an easy manner. Sometimes what happens is that the head of the baby is being titled to the side and this does not go on to pose a major problem of sorts though.

Face presentation

 If the head of the baby is extended then the face tends to become the longer part. This accounts for less than 1 % of presentations at the time of birth and it seems all the more so among premature babies. If it is an uncomplicated situation the course of labor is not altered

Brow presentation

This is going to happen when the face along with the head of the baby is extended and it may resemble a scenario where your baby is looking up. It tends to be all the more common in case of post mature babies.

How to ensure that your baby is in the head down position.

If a situation tends to arise that the baby is not in cephalic position by week 36, there are some tips which you can advocate to ensure that the baby turns into that position by the time of birth. Do share your inputs with the health care professional before you start the process.

  • Do change into a sitting position as this is going to tilt the pelvis forward when you sit down and that your knees tend to be never high above the hips
  • Ensure that you are in a comfortable position which means you will be scrubbing the floor
  • At any position do not stay for extended hours and try to be active as far as possible. Walking happens to be an excellent remedy where your baby happens to be in vertex position.
  • Make it a point that you use cushion when you are in a car

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