Spend A Lovely Time With Your Partner

Spend A Lovely Time With Your Partner

Valentine’s Day is not even a month away now. One has to plan everything from before if they want to surprise their partners and want to show all the love to them. There are many things that one can plan for their partners this Valentine’s Day.

If you are in Delhi on this romantic day and are eager to spend Valentine’s Day in Delhi then here are few options which you can explore. Of course, there are several other choices too but if you enrol for any of these below mentioned parties then you will definitely not regret as your partner will also love it.

Valentine’s Gala at Rainbow Love in Delhi: This one is on the Valentine weekend which is 12th February from 5 in the evening till 8 in the night. This is organized by Myolo and to book tickets one has to pay only Rs 399. This event is not only for the couple though as those who are single can also join the game. There will be several fun arrangements like couple’s quiz, paper dance, love music and beer pong. There is an activity arranged for everyone and one can choose any of them which they would love to do. There will be other fun arrangements as well including bar quiz and if you are single you never know you might meet the right person there as well. So, this can be a perfect romantic date for the couples and rather a fin event for the single people.

Valentine’s Masquerade Ball: this event has been organized on 11th of February, which is a Saturday and the venue is at Dublin Square which is located at North West Delhi. To book a ticket, one has to spend Rs 1800. This is a perfect opportunity for the couples to spend the weekend evening in a lovely manner. The event starts from 6 in the evening at ends at 10 in the night. There is a dress code for the people as women have to wear anything in red and men will be wearing anything in black. The food that will be served is purely vegetarian and the drinks are strictly non alcoholic.

Take your love for a holiday: if you have a few holidays in hand, then this Valentine’s Day you can run away from the city and spend the love day with your partner in Manali. The trip starts on 12th February and ends on 16th February. One has to book tickets for Rs 6499. People will meet at Delhi station and then leave for the journey. It is a two night three days holiday package and the entire trip is planned in a very romantic way especially for the couples. One can spend their love day at hills with their loved ones and this trip can surely ignite the fire in your relationship. You will be provided with food and lodging along with a trip to Rohtang Pass.

So, this romantic day can be a bit different one if you want.

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