Process For A Compensation Claim Scenario Adopted By Solicitors

Process For A Compensation Claim Scenario Adopted By Solicitors

When you contact a solicitor for advice following an accident, a few things happen. First and foremost, the solicitor you speak to will usually ask you two questions:

  1. When did your accident happen? and;
  2. How did your accident happen?

By asking these questions, a solicitor can establish whether or not you meet the basic eligibility criteria for making a claim. Those criteria are: That your accident happened no more than three years ago, and that you have a level of diminished liability.

Initial consultation

Providing you meet the above elibility criteria, you can set up an appointment with a solicitor in person or on the phone, to discuss your accident in greater detail. At your initial consultation, you will find out more about your legal rights following an accident and your lawyer will be able to give you a clearer idea as to the amount of compensation you can expect to receive, and also an estimated timeframe for claim completion.

Proceeding with your claim

If you decide to proceed with your claim after speaking to your solicitor in greater detail, then your UK claim lawyers will talk you through your ‘no win, no fee’ agreement, which will set out clearly how your lawyer will be paid for successfully processing your claim.

1-2 weeks into the claims process

After 1-2 weeks, a medical examination will be set up for you by your solicitor. You must attend this examination as part of the claims process. The examination will attempt to establish the true extent of your injuries, a recovery period and a prognosis for the future, with the report generated used by your solicitor to form the basis of your claim.

3-4 weeks into the claims process

Your solicitor may call you to offer a progress report; at this stage, it is likely that your claim will have already been sent to the other side. However, it’s important to remember that you are at the mercy of the other side with regards to timeframes. There may be no news for several weeks, so don’t expect any progress updates at this stage.

6-8 weeks into the claims process

Some claims can be finalised within just 6-8 weeks if they are clear-cut, however the more complicated your case is then the more likely it is to take several months to reach a conclusion. At this stage, your lawyer will have a clearer idea as to how long the claims process will take, so feel free to ask them how long they think it will take to finish claiming.

2-3 months into the claims process

Most claims will be finished at this stage and you will have your compensation.

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