Ferry Travel From Singapore To Bintan Island

Ferry Travel From Singapore To Bintan Island

Are you getting bored with the bus travel and want to explore the different travel options? Then, ferry travel can be the awesome one to fulfill your needs. If you are in Singapore and want to travel to Bintan, then you definitely become aware of the ferry travel. Obviously, the ferry travel is the most adorable travel that can give you the most adventurous experience. Of course, there are a large number of ferry operators who are available to transport in such destinations without any problems. Therefore, it is so easy to obtain the ferry ticket from singapore to Bintan without any hassles. Well, the advanced internet booking facilities are also available to get your tickets easily whenever you want. In this article, you are going to see the ferry travel from Singapore to Bintan.

About the Bintan island

Actually, Bintan is an island which is located in Indonesia. Of course, it is also found among the Riau islands which face the Singapore across the passage. In fact, it is the most prominent destination in Indonesia. It primarily focuses around the resort farm which occupies the northern side of the island which consists of nine resorts.

Bintan resorts show off the fantastic white beaches, designer golf course, luxury hotels and world class amenities with the steamy climate. Since this place is available with the excellent destinations, people love to spend their time over there. Especially, they like to travel over ferry to enjoy the splendid experience.

Book your tickets for ferry travel

When you have decided to travel from Singapore to Bintan through the sea, you can find the three kinds of the ferry routes. Yes, there are three kinds of the ferry routes are operated between Singapore and Bintan Island. Of course, it is also offering you with the combined total of 77 sailings per week.

In fact, the Bintan resort ferries are operating a single route, which is from Tanah Merah to Bandar bentan Telani. It is running nearly for 5 times daily. As the same manner, Sindo ferry is operating 1 route, in which Tanjung pinang runs in 4 times in each and every day.

In order to book your ferry ticket from singapore to Bintan, you need to select the route and the time to take depart. Once you have given these details, it can show the various ferry operators who are offering the transporting services to you. Among the various operators, you can choose the right service to make your travel to be fantastic.

Confirming your operator is also based on the availability of the seats too and therefore, it is quite beneficial to make your travel to be exhilarating. Of course, the seats are available in the different categories like adults and child. Therefore, you need not to worry about the facilities when you go with the family. In this manner, you can book your tickets easily through the internet whenever you want. If you want to know more details about the tickets booking, you can search over the internet.

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