Estate Agents In Hornchurch: What You Should Know About Them

Estate Agents In Hornchurch: What You Should Know About Them

For a majority of property sellers and buyers in Hornchurch, the prospect of dealing with an estate agent gives rise to unknown fears. While some estate agents in this town are reputable and genuine and give topmost priority to the best interests of their clients, there is no scarcity of unscrupulous agents who are merely trying to make a quick buck at somebody else’s expense. As a property buyer or seller in Hornchurch, it is your core responsibility to hire the services of an estate agent wisely. Mentioned below is a look at what you need to know about estate agents in Hornchurch before you get in touch with one.

What are the roles and responsibilities of an estate agent?

Based on which side the agent is working for – buyer or seller – he or she serves as an intermediary between the property buyer and seller and helps to close the deal. For such a service, he is paid a commission from his client, which could be buyer, seller, or both. While working on the seller’s behalf, the agent is responsible for putting the property details in multiple listing services of the region and initiating other activities such as home staging for the purpose of marketing the property.

When it comes to residential properties in Hornchurch, an estate agent may often start off by putting up property details on his personal website or company website, based on the fact whether he is an independent agent or a part of a realtor firm. The next step involves marketing the property via advertisements and postcards in both online and offline real estate magazines.

In addition, the estate agent who eventually lists your home is further responsible for following up with other estate agents who may have clients that are interested in buying the property. Estate agents work with clients every step of the way until the home is sold, besides providing sound advice with regard to all matters, including hiring the services of a solicitor.

Who should you opt for as an estate agent in Hornchurch?

Estate agents in Hornchurch may don three mantles, such as serving as an intermediary on behalf of the buyer, seller, or dual agent. During the process of buying a home, it would be ideal to hire the services of a real estate agent who can work effectively on your side. The same is true while selling a home in Hornchurch.

Some estate agents prefer playing on a single turf – buying or selling – while double agents may work for both the buyer and seller, thereby earning commissions from both simultaneously.

Besides seller’s estate agents and buyers’ estate agents, there are dual agents who are obligated to present an honest picture before both parties. Because they are entitled to earn a commission from both parties, they are loyal to both seller and buyer.

A majority of estate agents have a comprehensive list of buyers and sellers; therefore, it is quite frequent for an agent to work on behalf of both these parties. Therefore, while zeroing in on estate agents in Hornchurch, you should do a fair bit of research to locate agents that are reputable, honest, and well experienced, which will ultimately save you from getting into trouble, whereas hiring a rogue estate agent may turn out to be a nightmare.

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