Business Telephone System Migration From Landline

Business Telephone System Migration From Landline

It is not very long time ago that businesses used this outdated landline a means of communication. Thanks to the advancement of technology which has seen many businesses shifting to Business Telephone system. This has enhanced improved business employee’s interaction with their customers hence setting the business a part from others of its kind. Features like VolP, IP, auto attendant systems, Customer Relationship Management and many more play a huge role in today’s business development. There are a number of reasons for this migration as outlined below.

They Are Cost Effective Compared to Landline

· For Landline you have to pay a particular amount of money per call you make, unlike for business telephone system whereby you only have to subscribe with the service provider at a very low cost.

· This is because unlike landline which requires multiple networks, business telephone system uses only one network.

More Functions unlike Landline which only making calls

· Apart from communication through voice, business employees can also transmit images, texts and videos.

· The system support multitasking in that it is possible to send a number of files while still voice communicating.

· Services like sending and receiving messages, blocking calls, call forwarding, voicemail, call waiting and many more are not provided by landline means.

· A lot of time is utilized as staffs, employees and clients can communicate effectively with each other at the same time.

Conference Calling is Made Easier. 

· In this system, you can have conversations with as many people as possible from different places unlike landline which can only support three way calling.

· This makes it easier to make telephonic interviews and seminars.

They are More Portable.

· On landline, you have to communicate from specific location where the service is available for example at home or in the office.

· On business telephone system, as long as you can access internet, you can use this service from anywhere in the world.

· The use of high connections like cable internet or DSL makes it easy for you to connect all your employees with your office from anywhere they might be in the world.

Expansion of Businesses 

· In landline, when businesses expand, there is need to purchase and install new hardware to keep employees in effective communication with each other hence more space requirements.

· This new landline hardware installation is both time consuming and costly.

· In Business Telephone system business expansion does not increase demand and expenses as the only thing that increase is the number of users in a network at no extra costs.

Additional Features

· With this new service, you can comfortably schedule your calls for example by changing settings to prevent is from ringing in places not accepted.

· The compatibility with computers (laptops) and mobile devices like tables and phones increases chances of access to user information when using phone systems.


· Since the success of any business depends on the level of effective communication between the managers, the employees and the customers, quality business phone systems, which should also change in quality with time, are mandatory.

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