Adding Vitality And Lightness To Your Patios And Pool Houses

Adding Vitality And Lightness To Your Patios And Pool Houses

Solarlux is a German company that has been manufacturing façade solutions, bi-folding glass doors and Winter gardens since the past three decades. Known for their unsurpassable quality and innovative designs, the products of this company have gained popularity across the globe. As the demand for these products increased across Europe, the number of suppliers in different parts of the continent also doubled. In the United Kingdom there is a Solarlux showroom located at Welwyn Garden City. The Solarlux showroom in the United Kingdom is spread over 450 square meters. One can experience all the available products at the showroom. Here’s some additional information about the Solarlux Suppliers in the United Kingdom:

The Solarlux Suppliers in the United Kingdom offer a wide range of products to its patrons.

winter garden plays a major role in extending the living space of the user. Those who are looking to make an outdoor room that gives out the feeling of openness can use the Winter gardens offered by Solarlux Suppliers. The Solarlux supplier in the United Kingdom offers both the wooden as well as aluminum glass canopy. The canopy can easily transformed into a glasshouse as well. All the user needs to do is add vertical elements to the structure. Once converted into a glasshouse, the structure will provide protection against rain and wind. The bi-folding doors are available in aluminum systems, wood/aluminum systems and wood systems. The bi-folding doors glide smoothly and quietly both outwards as well as inwards. Solarlux sliding systems are highly recommended. These systems can be used as vertical elements to convert a glass canopy into a glasshouse. The Solarlux suppliers in the United Kingdom also provide glass solutions for your balcony. Ideal for those who live in apartments, this product plays a major role in making more space within the living area of the residential unit. The horizontal sliding wall provided by the Solarlux suppliers in the UK shops and façades. Cero is the ultimate solution for sculptural architecture. The Cero elements are motorized and can be controlled with the touch of a single button.

So, if you’re a builder or an architect in the United Kingdom, who wishes to create a project that is unique and captivating, you may want to visit the Solarlux suppliers’ showroom in Welwyn Garden City. You will get a plethora of ideas on how to decorate your construction from the showroom display itself. The suppliers keep ready stock for you to purchase and can also quickly import products that may be out of stock. The unbeatable quality and beautiful designs of the Solarlux products are bound to capture the attention of your clients and have a profound impact on them. So don’t wait any longer and visit your Solarlux supplier today!

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